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QPharm has been in business since 1996. We are a trusted and reliable option for pharmaceutical companies looking to outsource their products.

QPharm offers a full range of manufacturing and packaging services that includes tablet and capsule bottle filling, liquid filling, blister packaging, powder filing, stick pack pouch filling, secondary/manual packaging and manufacturing services for both liquid and powder products.

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Service of the Month – Contract Bottle Filling

May 2011 - Contract Bottle Filling of Tablets, Capsules, and Liquids

As I mentioned in the last blog article, each month I’m going to profile a service offered here at QPharm. This month I’ve chosen to profile the service where it all started for QPharm, Contract Bottle Filling. But first, little history about how it all began.

In 1996 we jumped at the opportunity to work with a relatively large international pharmaceutical company by purchasing a packaging line that was designed specifically for packing tablets and/or capsules. We acquired our DIN establishment license for packaging and we were off to the races! Continue reading “Service of the Month – Contract Bottle Filling” »

Getting Started – Small Volume Cosmetic and Personal Care Suppliers

List of 5 online small volume ingredient and packaging suppliers for cosmetics and personal care products

One of the biggest issues when starting a new company or brand is the “start-up” costs of supplies and components. More often than not you get stuck having to purchase 5,000 of this or 10,000 of that. And lets be honest, unless you’ve already got thousands of customers lined up ready to purchase your product, it’s a huge investment with huge risk! Well, for those of you in the personal care industry, don’t fret. I’ve found 5 great online suppliers of everything cosmetic and personal care including raw materials, ingredients, bottles and packaging materials. By utilizing these suppliers you can save $$ on components and supplies, freeing up money for important things like advertising, sales, and marketing. Continue reading “Getting Started – Small Volume Cosmetic and Personal Care Suppliers” »

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