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QPharm has been in business since 1996. We are a trusted and reliable option for pharmaceutical companies looking to outsource their products.

QPharm offers a full range of manufacturing and packaging services that includes tablet and capsule bottle filling, liquid filling, blister packaging, powder filing, stick pack pouch filling, secondary/manual packaging and manufacturing services for both liquid and powder products.

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Pharmaceutical & Health Product Blister Packaging

August 2011 - QPharm's Service of the Month

For about 6 years now QPharm has offered blister packaging as one of our signature services. While our equipment has served us well throughout that time, the lack of consistency with our older machine didn’t allow us to be overly competitive with regard to pricing and occasionally made it difficult to meet customer deadlines.  As a result, we recently decided to improve our blister operation by investing in a new ProPacker-150/6 Blister Packaging Machine.

Our goal was to improve efficiency, complete jobs quicker, and offer competitive pricing. By investing in the ProPacker-150/6, we feel we’ve achieved these three goals.

See our ProPacker 150/6 here

With the reduced waste and quicker setup associated with the ProPacker, we’ve been able to produce more blisters with same amount material and start jobs earlier, thus improving our efficiency. Combining our improved efficiency with the higher production rate (from 25 – 75 blisters per minute) we’re able to complete jobs in a much shorter time period than in the past. All of these factors have led to us being able to more accurately cost out jobs and quote with confidence.  As such, we feel we’re offering better pricing than ever before – despite the current economic situation!

QPharm Blister Packaging details:

Products: Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gel, Liquids

Material: All PVC type materials (example: Mono PVC, 3 Layer PVdC, 2 Layer ACLAR structure, etc)

Foil: All blister approved foils

Foil Printing: Available (random logo and text print, multiple colors)

Lot & Expiry Coding: Available

Bulk Packaging: Available

Further Assembly: Available (cartoning, shrink wrapping, gum packs, etc.)

Health Canada Licenses: DIN Establishment License & NHP Site License

FDA License: FDA Approved Food Facility

If you have any questions about our blister packaging services please feel free to contact us at (519) 650-9850 or email us at sales@qpharm.ca and we’d be happy to help you out! You can also fill out our contact form here.

– QPharm

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